The Mildmay Group Leadership School (MGLS) has designed the Frontline Business Leadership Course to facilitate course participants to utilize the God given leadership potential to jumpstart their excellence at personal and team leadership. This course transforms people from managing simple elements of work to leading complex functions across the organization.

The course is designed to generate a pipeline of home-grown Leadership that is relevant and responsive to the local and global context, with ability to respond to marketplace Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).


The course aims at developing competitive frontline leaders for the African marketplace. 


The course has been designed to facilitate the learner to;

  1. Stimulate own intrinsic motivation to succeed at personal and team leadership
  2. Establish critical enablers and blockers in the journey towards success
  3. Build a case for enhanced leadership competence at organizational and individual level.
  4. Develop a robust personal growth plans that will deliver desired success
  5. Build a personal brand as a leader delivering high-quality results;
  6. Build a positive reputation of a competent frontline resource manager.
  7. Initiate and maintain positive relationships
  8. Serve customers in a caring, compassionate and gentle manner resulting in a memorable customer experience.


This is a self-paced, online course, delivered over a period of 12 weeks. Before commencement of the course, you will undergo an orientation which will give you an opportunity to learn more about the course and to explore how to learn on the platform and the necessary Administrative support.

During the 12 weeks of study, you are expected to participate in all the weekly pre-Loaded lectures, reading materials, complete assigned quizzes, Discussions on the learning platform and PDP assignments. There will be weekly virtual meetings to increase opportunities for discussion about the relevance of the course materials in applicability and practice. The weekly meetings will be coordinated by the course leader, and each of you will be required to participate.


This modular course will be delivered using a blended learning approach. Participants will be studying online, self-paced with one session delivered once a week through virtual real time interaction with specialized facilitators with cutting edge experience in the field of study. The modules are outlined below;


Week one COURSE UNIT 1.1: Discovering your life mission

  • Topic 1: The Importance of Developing a personal life mission
  • Topic 2: Starting With the End in Mind
  • Topic 3: Personal life mission discovery pyramid
  • Topic 4: Translating your revealed and hidden gifts

Week Two COURSE UNIT 1.2: Choosing your life Destination and Direction

  • Topic 1: Determining your life Destination
  • Topic 2: Personal destination and direction ladder
  • Topic 3: Generating short term & Long term personal goals (guiding principles)
  • Topic 4: Clarifying personal values
  • Topic 5: Translating your Goals into Habits & Routines

Week Three COURSE UNIT 1.3: Aligning personal growth with corporate strategic direction

  • Topic 1: Identifying opportunities and threats to achieving your life mission
  • Topic 2: Organizational strategic intent pyramid
  • Topic 3: Learning for personal & Organizational success


Week Four COURSE UNIT 2.1:  Getting work done at the Frontline

  • Topic 1: Decision-making Myths and Misconceptions
  • Topic 2: The Frontline Execution Model
  • Topic 3: The Doctrine of Completed Staff Work
  • Topic 4: Goal Setting
  • Topic 5: Optimizing Productivity
  • Topic 6: Hard Work Always Pays Well

Week Five COURSE UNIT 2.2: Frontline Decision Making

Week Six COURSE UNIT 2.3: Quality Service

Week Seven COURSE UNIT 2.4: Managing Frontline Resources


Week Eight COURSE UNIT 3.1: Customer Centric Behavior

Week Nine COURSE UNIT 3.2: Communicating Effectively

Week Ten COURSE UNIT 3.3: Emotional Resourcefulness


WEEK 11 Course Evaluation and Feedback

During this week, course participants will have an opportunity to share feedback on the course to support course improvements. All participants will receive their performance results. All those who successfully complete this course will receive a Certificate of Completion in Frontline Business Leadership. To qualify for this certificate, you should have an average score of 70% in the course assessments.


  • Topic 1: Decision-making Myths and Misconceptions
  • Topic 2: The Frontline Decision-making Model
  • Topic 3: Taking Responsibility for Decisions and Solutions
  • Topic 4: Frontline Decision-making - Role play
  • Topic 5: Solving Complex Frontline Problems
  • Topic 6: Problem Solving Nuggets
    • Topic 1: Quality Myths and Misconceptions
    • Topic 2: Frontline Quality service Model
    • Topic 3: The Principles of Quality service
    • Topic 4: Process Approach
    • Topic 5: Executing Quality
    • Topic 1: Resource Management Myths and Misconceptions
    • Topic 2: The Frontline Resource Management Model
    • Topic 3: Stewardship for Resources
    • Topic 4: Being a Resource and Brand Custodian
    • Topic 5: Resource Management Ethics
    • Topic 6: Resource Management Enablers
    • Topic 1: Frontline Customer-Centric Behavior Model
    • Topic 2: Common myths and misconceptions about customer care in frontline work
    • Topic 3: The Heart of Business
    • Topic 4: Understanding Customers’ Needs and Wants
    • Topic 5: Corporate and Personal Benefits
    • Topic 6: Customer Care Arenas and Approaches
    • Topic 7: Handling Complex Customer Expectations
    • Topic 1: Communication Myths and Misconceptions
    • Topic 2: The Frontline Worker’s Communication Model
    • Topic 3: Two Faces of Communication
    • Topic 4: Paying Attention to My Audiences
    • Topic 5: Identifying Information Needs, Types and Sources
    • Topic 6: Contexts, Channels and Feedback
    • Topic 7: Everybody Speaks, Few Effectively Connect
    • Topic 1: Frontline Emotional Skills Model/Wheel
    • Topic 2: The Emotionally Competent Frontline Worker
    • Topic 3: Emotional Intelligence/Emotional quotient
    • Topic 4: Workplace Emotional Dynamics
    • Topic 5: Managing Key Frontline Relationships